Will Ross, Cycling Director


Will, a sports enthusiast and family man, lives with his wife, Casey and two kids, Liam and Logan in South Austin. Luckily, his oldest, Mariah, isn’t far away either, as she attends St. Edward’s University. Will works nearly full time with Boneshaker Project and also holds down two other jobs: fitness training and massage therapy. For Will, cycling takes priority, but he also enjoys ping-pong, kickball, soccer, paddle boarding, fishing, and snowboarding. He loves to cook, play with his kids, and travel with family. If you want to know about today’s weather, just ask Will. As an extreme weather buff, he loves to be the entertaining weatherman for his friends and family, while using technical, confusing jargon like “dry line,” ”slow moving trough”, “hook echo signature”, “virga” and “over running”. Will has been with Boneshaker Project since its inception and continues to put all he has into spreading awareness and helping the organization grow, while getting kids active and healthy!

Jake Boone, Cycling Coach

Coach Jake Boone is an avid bicycle racer, recreational badminton player, and all around outdoorsman. Jake attended Lees’ McRae College on a cycling scholarship from 2011 to 2013. In 2016 Jake graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in All Level Physical Education. Jake brings over 8 years of coaching experience, working with people of all ages and ability levels; having coached for Special olympics of Texas, National Scholastic Mountain Bike league, and as a public school physical education intern. In 2014 Jake founded The Shred School Coaching Company where he worked as head coach designing training plans for both amateur and elite endurance athletes. Jake Began volunteering with Boneshaker Project in March of 2016 and accepted a position on the Boneshaker team in December of 2016. “Through Boneshaker Project we can allow kids to broaden their scope of physical activity, it is such a great feeling to see kids so excited to get on bikes and explore the world around them! I go home everyday with a sense of accomplishment knowing that what we do changes lives.”

Cassandra Henkiel, Athletic Director


Cassandra’s passion for athletics started in her youth and continues on in her personal and professional life. From a competitive gymnast to an elite distance runner, Cassandra has various athletic experience and achievements under her belt. With well over 20 years in the fitness industry and as a Master Personal Trainer, she has coached/trained gymnasts and runners, as well as various clients of all ages, demographics, and fitness levels. From community recreation centers, to schools, to the gym, Cassandra enjoys encouraging, motivating, and having fun, while educating on the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle. When Cassandra is not coaching or training others, she’s enjoying the great outdoors- running, lifting weights, biking, swimming, or sharing a wonderful healthy meal with her cherished friends in Austin, anywhere in the US, or abroad. She’s a lover of travel!

Brittany Capps, Run Club Manager

Coach Brittany running is a way of life and has been since childhood. From running Rim to Rim across the Grand Canyon, to running the Austin Marathon, she loves it all. She is able to share her love of the sport by coaching the Boneshaker squad at Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy and by managing all of the Run Clubs that the Boneshaker Project offers across Central Texas. Brittany grew up in the northwest and attended the University of Washington and is currently working on her graduate degree in Nutrition/Sports Therapy. When she isn’t coaching or running, she enjoys spending time with her pup, Frida.