Volunteering can take on many forms, but for us, mentorship is the core of our philosophy and volunteer work. Each of us has the capacity to lead and inspire others to be active and make healthy choices. The will to inspire coupled with each volunteer’s individual skills make a great Boneshaker.

There are many of ways to be a boneshakin’ change-maker.

Examples of how to get involved:

  • Photographer or videographer
  • PR Guru
  • Grant Writer
  • Legal Counsel
  • Join our Board of Directors or Advisory Council
  • Join our Event Host Committee
  • Give an in-kind donation (ie: bikes, office supplies, auction items etc.)
  • Participate as a Boneshaker mentor in your community
  • Share fun, active lifestyles and inspire those around you to do the same!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities HERE

Featured Boneshaker: Lara Rinier, Volunteer of the Year

Lara Rinier volunteered each week this past Fall at both the Dittmar and Rosewood Park locations, giving over 50 hours to Boneshaker Project. High quality programs are a top priority for our organization; this includes experienced, enthusiastic coaches and staff. Lara, a skilled bike rider and athlete, assisted Coach Will and Coach Cassie, helping them in many areas. Her dedication, skill and smiling face every week has been such a valuable addition to our programming, and we are incredibly grateful!

To share your skills and volunteer, please email us at with this application completed. Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you!