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Well done on the [Pace Bend] race yesterday! Really enjoyed it.

Andrew Willis, President, Holland Racing

It was a pleasure getting to meet the Boneshaker team and all people that helped with the Pace Bend event.  You guys did a terrific job.  I’ve been to a lot of race events and honestly that was the smoothest I’ve seen things run. 

Anthony Rosich, Rozik Go Every Wear

I like being outside and riding bikes. [Our coaches] are really nice! They put a lot of effort into us, they’re not just like, ‘do whatever you want,’ they help us with running and riding our bikes. We like the snacks at the end! Its really fun!

Olivia, 9 & Julia, 6 – Rosewood Park Boneshakers, Spring 2014

Pace Bend was seriously amazing & I had a blast! We are excited that we can help out & it’s always such a rush to see the riders whoosh by!  Im still kinda buzzin from it all.

Clint and Clare Bradford, Pace Bend Volunteer Coordinators

Thanks for putting on a spectacular race, I really loved the beautiful safe roads with nice pavement and no yellow line rule!  Impressively fast operations. Thanks! When I run an event, I plan to call you.

Garrett Olsen, Cyclist Racer

On behalf of Phi Alpha Delta, I thank you for having us at Pace Bend yesterday!  My volunteers told me they were very impressed with the event and the kindness of the staff.  Clint and Clare were wonderful at the volunteer check-in and check-out. We also appreciated Alex checking on us and Zipcar providing water at the coves. Please relay our thanks to them, too! The dedication, hard work and vision of the Boneshaker team continues to inspire me. Phi Alpha Delta and I would love to keep volunteering with you in any way we can.

Megan Martinez, UT Journalist Student, Volunteer & PreLaw Fraternity Coordinator

I wanted to let you know that this was my 5th year at Pace Bend and this year was better than ever.  I really liked that you went back to the start and finish line of a few years back.  It made for much smoother logistics driving in and out and the start and finish on the bike too being physically separated…Well done. And all the other little stuff like portapotties right by the start line and spread out in the staging area was great.  Concessions were excellent. Overall I’m one very pleased racer….The closed course and super-smooth pavement are a dream come true.  Yours is the best road race of the season.  Wish we could do it again in the Fall so we’d have it twice a year!  I hope you and Boneshaker continue to sponsor this race for many years to come.

Dan Piercy, TW Telecom

We learned about switching gears in different places! And we learned don’t push your brakes too hard or you will lose control. To us, Boneshaker is healthy, exciting, fun, inspiring and helpful!

Danaya, 11 Niyah, 10 – Rosewood Park Spring 2014 Boneshakers

I learned how to ride a bike! I learned about how to go up hills, and up sidewalks and up stairs. To me, Boneshaker means: You’re powerful.

Violet or “V”, 10 – Rosewood Park Spring 2014 Boneshaker

Being a ‘Boneshaker’ means: healthy.  And shake your bones – like a machine, wiggle your bones! … Can I go ride my bike now?!

Shamya, 8 – Rosewood Park Spring 2014 Boneshaker

Domain had a fantastic 5% Giving Day with Boneshaker Project. Guests were WOWed with all the excitement and many parents camped out for their kids to enjoy the whole day.

Emily Wylie, Health Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market Domain

Thank you for showing us hand signals for bike riding and bike safety. If I didn’t know all that bike information I might have gotten a really bad injury on my bike. Thank you for the information because I love riding my bike and jumping the curbs of streets, which is kind of dangerous.

Angelo, 4th Grader at Baranoff Elementary

Thank you for taking your time out of your day to show us how to be safe on our bikes. I didn’t know how to check my brakes that way, but now I know to be safe like that. I enjoyed it!

Hoyt, 4th Grader at Baranoff Elementary

I think you guys are THE BEST bike safety group that we have had all the years that I have been here (I have been here five years). I hope you can be here next year!

Harper, 4th grader at Baranoff Elementary

The bike riding [at Baranoff Wellness Day] was the best part of all. Today was the best day ever, especially at your station. Thank you for giving us your time!

Ava Marie, 4th Grader at Baranoff Elementary