Boneshakers Love Our Planet!

We’re proud to call ourselves an eco-friendly organization, but we also want to do what we do best, and inspire others to follow our lead. That’s why we make an effort, and every one of our initiatives, to advocate for sustainable and conscious living. In alignment with our mission to get kids active and healthy, we want to connect those two goals with the importance of being self aware about our planet. Here’s a quick snapshot into how we work to incorporate ‘green’ into Boneshakin’


Riding bikes is not only FUN, its also an eco-friendly mode of transportation! 

When we teach how to ride, we also educate on the environmental benefits of transportation via biking. Year-round we teach students how to ride bikes, and for every new rider, there is less fuel consumption and healthier kids!


We partner with local, sustainable growers and grocers. 

Our nutritional partnerships have included local farms, grocers, and companies that provide healthy, sustainable food options. These partnerships are part our effort to show kids that healthy food can also be tasty and good for the planet! Past community collaborators have included: in.gredients, Hausbar Farms, Bearded Brothers bars, and the Health Starts Here initiative of Whole Foods Market.


Boneshakers explore local parks, trails and recreational centers!

An integral part of educating kids about the value of our planet begins with showing its value to kids. Letting kids explore the outdoors, enjoy being in nature, and breathing fresh air helps them appreciate our precious Earth.

For a little more detail into how we are working to inspire kids to be active, healthy, and respectful of our planet, see here.