Boneshaker Project’s Team Competes in Mexico

During the weekend of October 24th-25th 2015 Boneshaker Project (BSP) assembled a team of athletes and traveled to Higueras in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. There, in the endangered Sierra de Picachos Mountains, the team participated in the 2nd Annual Outdoor Fest for their Campaign to Save the Sierra de Picachos. Seven Boneshaker athletes competed in men’s and women’s mountain bike races as well as the men’s 5k and women’s 10k runs. The team was participating in the race to support its partnership with Asociación Ecológica Sierra Picachos (AESPAC), an organization that works to conserve the area, which is in danger of destruction by rock quarry companies.

Over 300 athletes participated in the outdoor event, despite severe weather threats from nearby Hurricane Patricia. Boneshaker Project’s bike racers took 1st (Tristan Uhl), 4th (Josh de Boisblanc) and 5th (Willy Ross) in the Men’s Mountain Bike Race. Sammi Runnels and Amy de Boisblanc took 1st and 2nd, consecutively, in the Women’s Mountain Bike competition. Boneshaker’s runners Todd Reed and Cassandra Henkiel, both took first overall in the 5k and 10k races in an equally outstanding performance. Todd Reed, Founder and Chairman of the Board of BSP, ran 1st overall in the men’s 5K competition and Cassandra Henkiel, Boneshaker’s Running Coach, finished 1st for men and women in the 10K. BSP is proud to have phenomenal athletes as leaders who embody our mission to inspire others to lead active lifestyles!

If you’d like to join us in our fight alongside AESPAC to protect the beautiful Sierra Picachos mountains in Mexico, please consider singing the petition here.


The Boneshaker Team in Sierra Picachos from left: Todd Reed, Sammi Runnels, Tristen Uhl, Willy Ross, Amy de Boisblanc, Josh de Boisblanc, and Cassandra Henkiel

Sierra Picachos 5K

Todd Reed finishes 1st in the Men’s 5K

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